Sunday, September 21, 2014

Jumping Jungle - Johnson City NY - Review

Jumping Jungle Review: The worst party ever. They are now located in Johnson City, NY. They were located in Vestal NY. It is the same owner, Brian. I confirmed three times that the Jumping Jungle would not overbook and have parties at the same time as ours. The party before us left 20 minutes late and after I had to ask the parents to leave.

Some creepy guy was walking around while the party was going on, and after seeing him I asked what he was doing. He claimed he was with the next party.

The staff spent more time trying to give private gymnastic lessons or showing off then actually making sure the kids were having fun.

One child had their leg fall through a hole in one of the inflatables.

The staff kept shutting down the bouncy houses. We had to ask multiple times for them to put them back on.

Another party showed up and one of their parents tried to chase our party away, the staff shut down the bouncy houses 20 minutes early.

Half way through the party the owner Brian showed up and I told him the problems which he did nothing about. He did choose to tell me all about his political beliefs and ranted about the government.

On the way out one child said it was horrible, and before we left one child was crying.

They over book, and are under staffed, and their polices and equipment is horrible. I was actually warned to not use them but I gave them a chance.

Please do not make my mistake.

Avoid the Jumping Jungle in Johnson City - that is what all the other reviews say and that is my personal recommendation.

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