Friday, May 22, 2015

Norbert Higgins - Lawyer - Binghamton, NY

Thought I would warn people about one lawyer who is a frequent law guardian: Norbert Higgins, Broome County NY. - I personally watched this guy open and read mail during trial. His response when the judge asked him about testimony that concerned the life of a 3 year old child... Mr Higgins said, "I'm sorry, Judge, I wasn't following it that much." He seems to me to prefer to do the minimum necessary, I would not recommend him for any position in the legal field. If you are unlucky enough to get him as a law guardian for your child - I hope your lawyer is friends with him, that seems to help.

These images were all taken from Norbert Higgins' personal FaceBook Page:

Norbert Higgins a lawyer in Binghamton NY

Norbert Higgins - lawyer- Broome County NY

Norbert Higgins Town of Union

Norbert Higgins lawyer

To see a full review visit:

Norbert Higgins - Binghamton, NY - Lawyer Review

Thursday, May 21, 2015

One of the good ones...

I usually only do reviews for companies and people who provide either amazing service or provide horrendous service. I had the pleasure of meeting with Mary Jane Murphy and talking with her about a family court case. I swear she reminded me of one of those lawyers out of a movie who actually cared about people. She was not trying to get billable hours for a firm, but she was actually trying to do good for good people.

Lawyers like her dont have the revenues to advertise, lawyers like her dont get appointed to positions, lawyers like her.... do the right thing, and they stay humble, and they work long hours and they work hard for their clients. They might not be rich based on bank accounts but I can tell you that they leave behind a legacy of people whose lives are better for knowing them.

If you think this review is over the top let me explain to you about me:
I started a hashtag "starvethelawyers" because almost every lawyer I have met (and I have met lawyers across the country and around the world) have been people who at times make me physically ill. They actually will repeat the lies of their clients, they have very little ethics, they make back room deals.
Most lawyers write letters so they can bill in 6 minute increments over and over again.

Most lawyers feed off of animosity and anger.

The few real lawyers left in the world are counselors trying to solve the problems of their clients in the most cost effective manner possible.
The few good lawyers out there will pick up the phone and solve a matter in 15 minutes, instead of spending hours writing letters and dragging things on for months...

Mary Jane Murphy is one of the good ones, and I know this because she helped me and my child personally. I cannot recommend her enough and if you need help and want real advice and real service from a real person - call her.
Help support the good people in the world and help get rid of the large firms who have destroyed the good name of lawyers and have ruined our legal system.

Mary Jane Murphy,
81 State Street, Suite 508,
Binghamton, NY 13901
(607) 722-7200

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Jumping Jungle / Jungle Gymnastics Full Review 2014

Jumping Jungle Review: The worst party ever. They are now located in Johnson City, NY. They were located in Vestal NY. It is the same owner, Brian. I confirmed three times that the Jumping Jungle would not overbook and have parties at the same time as ours. The party before us left 20 minutes late and after I had to ask the parents to leave.... 

Sunday, September 21, 2014

Jumping Jungle - Johnson City NY - Review

Jumping Jungle Review: The worst party ever. They are now located in Johnson City, NY. They were located in Vestal NY. It is the same owner, Brian. I confirmed three times that the Jumping Jungle would not overbook and have parties at the same time as ours. The party before us left 20 minutes late and after I had to ask the parents to leave.

Some creepy guy was walking around while the party was going on, and after seeing him I asked what he was doing. He claimed he was with the next party.

The staff spent more time trying to give private gymnastic lessons or showing off then actually making sure the kids were having fun.

One child had their leg fall through a hole in one of the inflatables.

The staff kept shutting down the bouncy houses. We had to ask multiple times for them to put them back on.

Another party showed up and one of their parents tried to chase our party away, the staff shut down the bouncy houses 20 minutes early.

Half way through the party the owner Brian showed up and I told him the problems which he did nothing about. He did choose to tell me all about his political beliefs and ranted about the government.

On the way out one child said it was horrible, and before we left one child was crying.

They over book, and are under staffed, and their polices and equipment is horrible. I was actually warned to not use them but I gave them a chance.

Please do not make my mistake.

Avoid the Jumping Jungle in Johnson City - that is what all the other reviews say and that is my personal recommendation.

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Toys "R" Us - "Horrible" Customer Service?

Every year I surprise my daughter and take her somewhere so she can pick out one birthday gift that she picks. This year we went to Toys ''R'' Usand I was quite surprised by the cashier. We were in line and I gave my daughter the money to pay for the toy in order to help her learn to be more assertive. 

As the woman rang us out she asked about the event and I said, "it's buy your own birthday gift day." I guess I misspoke, but then this woman looked at my daughter and said, "You have a horrible father."

I thought she must trying to be sarcastic, but then she actually repeated herself. The more I think about it, the more upset I get that this person would even talk directly to my child in that manner, or would even think about insulting a customer in that manner.

I cannot have my child un-hear those comments. Seems like someone needs a course in basic customer service.

Friday, August 29, 2014

Make election day a national holiday.

It is time to start making changes to our political system. One of the easiest we can make is to try and make it easier for people to get involved.

I created this petition in order to help the movement that wants to make election day in the US a National Holiday.

Will you sign and share?

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Gender Neutral - Solution to the problem

If you believe in equality for women or for promoting gay or lesbian rights, or for equal parenting, then one of the simplest solutions in the world is to replace the legal terminology. Instead of talking about violence against women, let's talk about violence against domestic partners. Instead of talking about a father's rights, lets talk about a "parent's rights". Instead of talking about gay rights, let's talk about human rights. Gender neutrality in our legal system, in our social system, and in our media creates a focus on the actual problem and that is the quickest way to solve the individual issues. Write laws for all people equally, not for men, not for women, not for African Americans, not for lesbians, not for Christians, but for all humans equally.