Saturday, December 19, 2009

Recession Selling

Neil Rackham, "Customers will often buy much more expensive solutions in a recession if they perceive them as less risky." Selling Power June 2009

Selling in the “New Economy”

I was reading Selling Power - June 2009 (Yes, I am behind in my reading), Gerhard Gschwandtner wrote, "We can no longer dictate how prospects buy, and we can no longer act as if we know what's best for the customer. Such terms as "solution selling", value selling", and "consultative selling" sound good, but they no longer matter. What matters is what the customer wants."I agree. Technology has changed and provided customers with incredible new ways to purchase or at least research products. Changes in technology have changed society, and have changed the buying process and the selling process.At the end of the article, Gerhard continues, "...there is better technology to to manage every step of your sales process...renovate your sales technology so you can accelerate your sales. If you don't like that change, get ready to be irrelevant."