Monday, November 7, 2011

Astec Re-Ply Roofing Systems 2012 Training | PRLog

Astec Re-Ply Roofing Systems 2012 Training | PRLog

The first training seminar of the 2012 season will be held in Florida this year, to provide new Authorized Contractors the necessary training to develop and expand their businesses with one of the most trusted names in fluid applied roofing systems.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Contractor Opportunity Available

Provide your customer an incredible value and expand your sales
Increase your exposure & credibility
Join with a leading manufacturer of “Cool Roof” products
Complete Co-op Marketing program
High quality products, 10-year product & labor warranty
Full technical support
National & local marketing support, sales assistance – team selling & proposal writing
Strong credibility (over 320 million square feet, and over 25 years in business)
PERFORMANCE : Astec® Re-Ply Insulating Re-Roofing Systems give you the most in a fluid applied membrane system. Astec® stops leaks, reinforces susceptible areas of the roof and saves energy. Show your customers the impressive results and they will understand that your proposal is the best system for their roof. (See customer list).
PROFITS : ICC ships Astec® factory direct, saving you money. Customer savings could be 50% or more over roof replacement. Astec® is a proven system applied over 320 million sq. feet. The Astec® system’s direct sale model allows you to provide your customer a premium product and system at an incredibly competitively priced value.
PROTECTION : An Astec® Authorized Contractor is part of the ICC Team. You’ve got an edge over the competition and ICC helps you maintain that edge. We look out for you in your territory. Our national advertising has supplied many quality leads for Astec® Contractors to follow, and this year our marketing program is as aggressive as we’ve ever had.
PROVEN: The Astec marketing program includes refined methods designed to help your company grow. National advertising, direct mail, telemarketing, social media, e-mail and much, much more. Your ICC representative can guide you and your company every step of the way. Astec® is more than a great solution to roofing problems - it’s a proven program to success!
Call us today 800-223-8494

Friday, July 22, 2011

“Without a winking smiley or other blatant display of humor, it is impossible to create a parody of Fundamentalism that SOMEONE won't mistake for the real thing.” - Poe's Law 

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Local Businessman Completes Industry Courses

(Press Release) – Jul 19, 2011 – Antoine Loup, an independent manufacturer’s representative has completed a series of three courses on commercial and industrial protective coatings applications. Concrete, Steel, and Non-Ferrous Surface preparation courses were offered by the SSPC.
Non-Ferrous Surface Preparation training describes those surface preparation techniques recommended for aluminum (Al) and stainless steel alloys and corrosion-resistant steel (CRES).
Steel Surfaces Preparation course defines surface preparation for steel including abrasive blast cleaning, hand-and-power-tool cleaning, and water-jetting; as well as the associated standards referenced when these methods are used to prepare steel for the application of protective coatings.
Concrete Surface Preparation course defines surface preparation for concrete through a review of the steps involved and the methods and the standards referenced when preparing concrete for installation of the coating/surfacing.
SSPC: The Society for Protective Coatings was founded in 1950. SSPC is the only non-profit association that is focused on the protection and preservation of concrete, steel and other industrial and marine structures and surfaces through the use of high-performance protective, marine and industrial coatings. SSPC is the leading source of information on surface preparation, coating selection, coating application, environmental regulations, and health and safety issues that affect the protective coatings industry.
Antoine Loup graduated Summa Cum Laude from SUNY Binghamton’s School of Management and is working with multiple companies across the United States and internationally to help further develop and increase international and government sales within the coating industry.
For more information contact Antoine Loup through:

Sunday, July 10, 2011

From "I Love My Daughter": Parental Alienation - In her own words....

I Love My Daughter: Parental Alienation - In her own words....: "As I said, I have little choice but to try and make things as clear as I can... I am sorry little one, and I wish there was another way...."

From "I Love My Daughter" Parental Alienation

I Love My Daughter: Parental Alienation:

Parental alienation is child abuse and as society we all need to work together to promote the best environment we can for our children.

Friday, July 8, 2011

"If I had a single flower for every time I think about you, I could walk forever in my garden." - Claudia Ghandi

Tuesday, July 5, 2011


There are two types of justice in this world, the poor and the innocent, after being victims, are used to seek justice for crimes against society; and then there is the justice provided to those who can afford lawyers, who make new laws that benefit themselves, usually at the expense of society; rarely does either form provide solace to the innocent or those who have been wronged.

Friday, June 17, 2011

Business Insights: Norbert A. Higgins, Attorney at Law‬‏

YouTube - ‪antoineloup's Channel

My video review of Norbert Higgins Legal services as witnessed in Supreme Court of Broome County New York. And I quote directly from the transcript, Mr Higgins said "I'm sorry, Judge, I wasn't following it that much." ‎‬‏

Friday, June 10, 2011

Manufacturer's rep receives certifications

ENDICOTT -- Antoine Loup, an independent manufacturer's representative from Endicott, has received the Security+ and Quality Process Analyst certifications.

Security+ is an international, vendor-neutral certification that proves competency in system security, network infrastructure, access control and organizational security.

A Certified Quality Process Analyst selects and uses high-quality tools in a variety of problem-solving situations, creates and monitors control charts and other statistical process control tools, supports customer-supplier relations and participates in continuous improvement initiatives.

Friday, April 22, 2011

MPW Approves Astec in Kuwait

BG1 and Astec Receive Kuwait Certification

Agencies of the State of Kuwait Certify and Recognize New Building Insulation Materials
Kuwait City, Kuwait, April 22, 2011
The Ministry of Public Works for the State of Kuwait has issued Certificate No. Q1406 to Burgan One General Trading and Contracting of Kuwait City. Burgan One (BG1) is the exclusive distributor of the Astec products in Kuwait.
The certification states that the MPW has approved the Astec 2000 acrylic elastomeric membrane for use as a thermal insulation for use in projects across Kuwait. Throughout the USA, Astec has been utilized to restore and protect many different public housing structures, see the case study here:
The Astec products have also been approved by the Environment Public Authority of the State of Kuwait, which has recognized that the Astec coatings are suitable for heat and water insulation, as well as inhibiting corrosion and can even decrease energy consumption by 20%. BG1 has proven the success of the Astec product working directly with the US Army in Kuwait where they were able to demonstrate a reduction of 26% in energy usage and dramatic temperature decrease providing the occupants of the buildings with a significantly higher level of comfort. See the case study here:
The Astec System is an Energy Star Partner, qualifies for LEED Credits and meets ASHRAE 90.1 and 189.1-2009 standards and can extend your facilities “life-cycle-value”.
Here is what others have said about Astec:
“We can extend the life of existing roofing for a fraction of the cost of conventional roof replacement.” – Benjamin S., Col, EN Director, Dept. of the Army
“The two biggest benefits to us are the prevention of water intrusion and the reflection of the sun so we can reduce our energy costs.” – Jack F., Vice Admiral (Retired), Naval Aviation Museum (The Naval Air Museum saved more than $300,000 over roof replacement.)
For more than 25 years the Astec Re-Ply Roofing System has helped Fortune 500 companies and governments around the world to provide cost effective, energy saving roof and wall coating systems that are environmentally friendly, and solve heat and water problems in commercial and industrial facilities. See the case study of Al-Salam International Hospital here:
For Earth Day 2011 Astec and BG1 would like to invite you to download the “Cool Roofing” Guide:
Burgan One can provide a roof survey or seminar specific to your needs, for more information contact BG1 directly:
Saad Al-Yaseen
Burgan One General Trading & Contracting
12th Floor Homoud Tower
Fahad AL-Salim Street
Kuwait City, Kuwait (GMT+ 03:00)
Phone: +965.2240.9686
Fax: +965.2240.9551
On Facebook:
On Twitter:

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Spring Civil War Weekend: Sat & Sun, April 30th & May 1st: Hours: 10 am to 5 pm, Old Mill Village Museum, New Milford , PA 18834 ... I have never been, but I heard it is something to see....

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Trade group awards certification | Press & Sun-Bulletin |

Trade group awards certification | Press & Sun-Bulletin |

ENDICOTT Antoine Loup of Endicott has received CompTIA Security+ certification, an international, vendor-neutral certification that proves competency in system security, network infrastructure, access control and organizational security.

Major organizations that employ Security+ certified staff include IBM, Motorola, Symantec, Hitachi, Lockheed Martin, General Mills and the U.S. military.

CompTIA is a nonprofit trade association advancing the global interests of information technology professionals and companies.

Sunday, March 6, 2011

If People Were Cows - We Would Not Argue About Health Care

I recently tried to make a point about health care and education; afterwards I came up with the following analogy:

Let us say the US Government was a dairy farm. Let us say that each cow requires 1 bale of hay per week to live. If the farm can trade one gallon of milk for a bale of hay then as long as each cow can provide any benefit over one gallon of milk - it adds to the health of the farm.

Some cows will provide 10 gallons - some less. If the farmer gets a sick cow and it only produces half a gallon - it is a burden. Unless of course one doctors visit would then bring the cow back to producing enough milk to add to the overall health of the farm.

The smart farmer who now realizes healthy cows produce more milk in general says I can have a vet come out each week and check on all my cows and this will cost 1 gallon of milk per cow

At this point each cow must produce more than 2 gallons each, but because of the visits the chances are that all the cows are now producing more milk - thus the "economy" of the farm has expanded. 

As time passes one cow begins to only produce 1 gallon - it no longer pays for itself so the farmer must decide what to do with the cow. the first reaction is sell the cow and get rid of the burden, or stop providing health care so the cow is back to covering its own costs. This farmer is smart though and he knows that if he stops providing health care for the under producing cow  - that cow will then get sicker and possibly spread disease to the other cows, thus increasing costs and decreasing profits. So the farmer must decide to kill or sell the cow.

The farmer then says "wait a minute - if this cow has two calves (I won't have to buy more cows), I can then increase the amount of milk I send out, and since I am now buying a lot of vet visits and hay - maybe I can cut a deal with the doctor and the hay person and maybe I can get my hay cheaper and my visits cheaper thus making the farm more money". The farmer realized that he needs to look at all the ways an individual resource can contribute to the overall health of the farm - and not just whether one cow can make at least 2 gallons of milk.

So the framer keeps all his cows healthy and fed, he decreases his costs, and increases revenue (which means greater profit) and he is expanding his farm and creating a self-sufficient economy. 

Moving forward the farmer realizes that if he takes all the cow dung and spreads it on the field - he can then get his own hay - and now he has just dramatically cut his costs and increases his profits.

Health Care in our society is not about giving people free stuff; it is about the big picture economic drivers that create an economic force that dominates a global landscape. And education is not about teaching someone how to draw a picture or read a poem, it is about creating a more intelligent populous that will reduce health care expenditures and increase output so that the economy can make more with less. Education and health care may not be a right - but it is the smartest economic decision we can make as a country.

And just in case someone wants to argue about how we provide elementary education, if the rest of the world provides more - then we must to - as in a business if you are not doing as much - or more than your competitor you will find yourself out of business - and I would prefer the USA stays in business for a long time.

Friday, February 25, 2011

Burgan One Names Marketing Director | Press & Sun-Bulletin |

‎"I don't mean to toot my own horn, but BEEP BEEP!" - Dave England

Burgan One names marketing director | Press & Sun-Bulletin |

Burgan One names marketing director

ENDICOTT Antoine Loup, of Endicott, has been named director of marketing for Burgan One GeneralTrade and Contracting of Kuwait City, Kuwait.

Burgan One provides a vast array of services to clients within the oil and gas sectors, as well as government and military entities around the world.

Loup is working from Endicott and has traveled around the Middle East to promote the company.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Business Insights: Firestone / Bridgestone - Short Version

This is the short version of my review of a recent incident at a local Firestone Complete Auto Care Center. A friend had printed a coupon off the internet and gave me a copy. It was a great offer. I called and confirmed and then went to the local store. At that point the manager told me it was a "pirated" coupon. Maybe he didn't want to honor it, maybe he was mistaken. The point is he made me feel as though I was trying to "steal" from him. How was I supposed to know? And what is worse is that while trying to explain this to him, he allowed another customer to get involved. I left and complained online. The assistant district manager Stephen Lyons called me personally not more then 30 minutes later, before I even had a chance to bash the company on line. Then the store manager called back and apologized as well. Stephen Lyons was able to turn this review around 180 degrees. It was some of the most amazing customer service I have seen in a long time and I am very impressed with the way Firestone has handled the situation. I will post the full video with all of the people who called me as I was able to record some of the conversations. I want to say this was a perfect case study on how to properly handle a customer complaint and Firestone has shown a huge commitment that reflects on what I can only assume is an incredible corporate culture.

Thursday, January 6, 2011

United States Government: Energy Management in Federal Facilities

A new Slide Share Presentation was uploaded called:

This PowerPoint goes over the different legislation that has been passed and the current requirements for federal facilities as they pertain to energy management and conservation.