Friday, April 22, 2011

MPW Approves Astec in Kuwait

BG1 and Astec Receive Kuwait Certification

Agencies of the State of Kuwait Certify and Recognize New Building Insulation Materials
Kuwait City, Kuwait, April 22, 2011
The Ministry of Public Works for the State of Kuwait has issued Certificate No. Q1406 to Burgan One General Trading and Contracting of Kuwait City. Burgan One (BG1) is the exclusive distributor of the Astec products in Kuwait.
The certification states that the MPW has approved the Astec 2000 acrylic elastomeric membrane for use as a thermal insulation for use in projects across Kuwait. Throughout the USA, Astec has been utilized to restore and protect many different public housing structures, see the case study here:
The Astec products have also been approved by the Environment Public Authority of the State of Kuwait, which has recognized that the Astec coatings are suitable for heat and water insulation, as well as inhibiting corrosion and can even decrease energy consumption by 20%. BG1 has proven the success of the Astec product working directly with the US Army in Kuwait where they were able to demonstrate a reduction of 26% in energy usage and dramatic temperature decrease providing the occupants of the buildings with a significantly higher level of comfort. See the case study here:
The Astec System is an Energy Star Partner, qualifies for LEED Credits and meets ASHRAE 90.1 and 189.1-2009 standards and can extend your facilities “life-cycle-value”.
Here is what others have said about Astec:
“We can extend the life of existing roofing for a fraction of the cost of conventional roof replacement.” – Benjamin S., Col, EN Director, Dept. of the Army
“The two biggest benefits to us are the prevention of water intrusion and the reflection of the sun so we can reduce our energy costs.” – Jack F., Vice Admiral (Retired), Naval Aviation Museum (The Naval Air Museum saved more than $300,000 over roof replacement.)
For more than 25 years the Astec Re-Ply Roofing System has helped Fortune 500 companies and governments around the world to provide cost effective, energy saving roof and wall coating systems that are environmentally friendly, and solve heat and water problems in commercial and industrial facilities. See the case study of Al-Salam International Hospital here:
For Earth Day 2011 Astec and BG1 would like to invite you to download the “Cool Roofing” Guide:
Burgan One can provide a roof survey or seminar specific to your needs, for more information contact BG1 directly:
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