Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Virgin Listens

I flew back from London a few weeks ago on a Virgin Atlantic flight. As we were flying I was taking photos out of the window. I noticed there seemed to be something flapping near the wing.

I zoomed in and took as many photos as I could. Once the plane landed (it wasn't much longer after I took the photos), I talked with some of the staff. The flight attendant asked me to speak with the captain, who then wanted me to show the picture to the engineer. I waited for the engineer to arrive, showed him the photos, and told him where I was sitting.

They all seemed very interested and even while I was waiting to go through customs, the pilot, stopped and said thanks again.

I hope it was nothing serious, but at least they all took the time to listen and seemed genuinely concerned. That was good customer service.

Photo from inside a plane

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