Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Dear Dell, What Happened?

Dear Dell Gold Team,

What happened? We had such a good relationship at one time. I called you yesterday, but you wouldn't answer, why are you screening my calls? I sent you an email, but you didn't reply.

I found a number you gave me and called again this morning, and the operator tried to give me the run around. I used a different number and the person who answered said they could not open the record of our relationship. Have you blocked me out completely?

That person said I should call you directly. I did. It breaks my heart when I leave you messages and you don't call back.

Is it me? Was I too needy? If you sell me just one more laptop I promise I won't call you again. I know you are busy and are involved with a lot of people (they told me you were too busy for a serious relationship), but I thought we had something special. I guess I was wrong. I will always cherish the good times we had. I hope you all the best in your future.

Sincerely disappointed,

-your customer


It has been at least twenty four hours, four phone calls, three voice messages, and one email and I still cannot purchase a laptop from Dell.... I guess this dude doesn't get it.


So I just got a call from Dell, they say they changed the email address, the girl who called didn't ask for a customer number or anything, but also said she would send a quote over to me immediately. The strange part was we did not talk at all about anything other then me giving her a model number. So I am wondering if I will have to call her back and ask her to revise anything and talk about shipping since I need it ASAP? It will be great to find out if they actually changed any of the information they had wrong also.


As I suspected, I had to contact them again, this time through email with the girl who provided the quote, we did have change a few things and fix the shipping. I will admit - it arrived the day they said they were going to send it, so that was nice.

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