Friday, May 22, 2015

Norbert Higgins - Lawyer - Binghamton, NY

Thought I would warn people about one lawyer who is a frequent law guardian: Norbert Higgins, Broome County NY. - I personally watched this guy open and read mail during trial. His response when the judge asked him about testimony that concerned the life of a 3 year old child... Mr Higgins said, "I'm sorry, Judge, I wasn't following it that much." He seems to me to prefer to do the minimum necessary, I would not recommend him for any position in the legal field. If you are unlucky enough to get him as a law guardian for your child - I hope your lawyer is friends with him, that seems to help.

These images were all taken from Norbert Higgins' personal FaceBook Page:

Norbert Higgins a lawyer in Binghamton NY

Norbert Higgins - lawyer- Broome County NY

Norbert Higgins Town of Union

Norbert Higgins lawyer

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