Monday, April 30, 2012


1. If you think illegal immigrants are stealing your jobs, then go to work tomorrow and ask your employer if they would hire someone with no social security card and no state id, then ask yourself why you can be replaced by someone with probably limited education and limited skills.

2. If you think illegal immigrants are sending their kids to your school and you do not want to pay for other's kids, then let us all change the system, so only people with kids pay for the schools, and they pay based on the number of kids they have... I will pay for mine, but why should I also pay for your multiple kids?

3. If you think illegal immigrants are getting great free health care, please go to any hospital and tell them you have no insurance, no id, no social security number, and no cash, and see what kind of service you get.

4. The only people who like illegal immigration are criminals... because illegal immigration is illegal, and those caught do go to jail and do get deported.

If you are for real solutions to real problems based on real facts, then share this....

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