Tuesday, February 14, 2012

The Secret

The Secret... It recently occurred to me that certain people may not understand why my daughter wants to spend so much time with me, and so I thought I would share the secret with everyone, I believe this might work with adults as well but here it is...

Treat them with respect,
Treat them like a person,
Treat them like you would like to be treated.

Take the time to explain everything to them, all those "whys?" need answers;
Take the time to think about your answers, as it shows you care.

Spend half your time at their level of eye sight,
Spend the other half with them at yours by picking them up and holding them close.

Teach them to make their own decisions instead of making them for them or at least provide some kind of understanding as to why the decision needs to be made.

Ask their opinion, and listen to the answer.

Always take their feelings into consideration, understanding that just because they are not able to find the words to express what they feel or are thinking, that it does not mean they do not understand what you are saying or doing.

Do not lie to them.

Enjoy every moment of time you spend together as if no one was more important than they are.

Realize it is their life and their childhood and they only get one chance to enjoy it too, so have fun, and turn the phone and the computer off and spend time together,

That is the secret as best I can explain it, and even if it is a secret - feel free to share it.

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